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Global Yoga Therapy Day is celebrated annually on [insert date]. Check our website for the latest event details and schedule.

To participate, explore our website for virtual sessions, workshops, and events. Join our global community in celebrating the day through the practice of yoga therapy.

Global Yoga Therapy Day primarily offers virtual events. However, local communities are encouraged to organize their own events, and details can be found on our website.

Absolutely! Global Yoga Therapy Day welcomes participants of all levels, including beginners. Choose sessions that match your comfort and experience level.

Registration details for virtual sessions and workshops can be found on our website. Simply navigate to the “Events” section to sign up for the sessions of your choice.

Many of our events are free, but some workshops and sessions may have associated fees. Check individual event listings for details.

Absolutely! We encourage communities to organize their own events. For details on hosting an event, please contact our events team at [email protected].

Top Questions

How can I become a sponsor or partner with Global Yoga Therapy Day?

For information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please reach out to our partnerships team at [email protected].

Are the virtual sessions accessible to individuals with disabilities?
Can I access recorded sessions after Global Yoga Therapy Day?
How can I stay informed about Global Yoga Therapy Day updates?