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    15 Educational Keynote Presentations with Leaders in Yoga & Yoga Therapy

    An experiential and educational conference for healthcare professionals, yoga professionals and individuals interested in how yoga therapy can be holistically used to create better health and wellbeing. 15 keynotes, 6 panel discussions, 70+ Experiential Sessions & Live Networking & Industry Sponsors

  • Explore the difference of yoga therapy for yourself

    Experiential Community Sessions

    Choose from 70+ experiential community sessions offered by yoga therapists across the world. Learn, Practice, Embody the difference of therapeutic yoga for yourself.

  • Join in Six (Two Each Day)

    Interactive Discussions

    Listen in and ask questions in moderated panel & round table discussions with leaders in yoga therapy, safe and accessible yoga & yoga research

  • Live, Fully Engaging Networking & Sponsor Booths

    Meet Healthcare & Yoga Professionals Across the World

    Two hours each day dedicated to live networking, setting up meetings and visiting exhibitor booths. Meet other professionals interested in yoga for mental health, chronic pain, COVID-related health challenges and helping to bring yoga and yoga therapy into healthcare.

We warmly invite you to join us for three packed days in our virtual and highly interactive conference!

Aug 13 - 15 (US / UK) | Aug 14 - 16 (Asia / AUS)
Registration is Now Open!

For healthcare & yoga professionals (or those simply interested in how yoga, breath, meditation & yoga therapy are being used to radically transform healthcare), this is the conference for you!

108 leaders from 16 countries (doctors, yoga therapists & researchers) inspire in this fully interactive conference experience.

Each Day Features 5 keynote presentations, 2 interactive discussions, 20+ experiential community sessions and 2 designated hours for networking and industry booths.

Join leaders in the field of yoga therapy sharing educational and experiential presentations. Network with other yoga, healthcare professionals and individuals interested in how yoga therapy supports better health and wellbeing.

  • Day 1: Integrating Yoga Therapy Into Healthcare features keynotes with Dean Ornish, M.D., Sat Bir Khalsa, Alison Whitehead, Yogacharya AB Bhavanani, Göran Boll

  • Day 2: Optimal Health At All Ages; Self Care & Managing Pain features keynotes with Sara Lazar, PhD, Holger Cramer, PhD, Gary Kraftsow, Michelle Fury, Shirley Telles

  • Day 3: Healing Our World With Yoga; Safe, Therapeutic, Effective features Charlene Muhammad, LD, C-IAYT, Priya Verma PA-C, Ingrid Yang, M.D., J.D., Saraswathi Vasudevan, Colin Dunsmuir & Stanford Wong.

Please note: 
  • Full Conference Access tickets provide replays for all keynotes and panel presentations. Community Sessions are run live & concurrently; turn up live and attend the sessions most aligned to your interests.)
  • Full Conference Pass is $299 US; Discounts for Students, Pensioners, Military, Veterans & those from WHO designated low-income countries.
  • CE (continuing education credit) is available with both the International Association of Yoga Therapists (15 CE's) & The Yoga Alliance. 

The Global Yoga Therapy Conference is hosted by Yoga for Better Health and supports our 2021 Charitable Partner, Give Back Yoga Foundation. 
Access All Three Days; Or Join Live for One
Each day showcases 5 keynotes; 2 panel presentations, 20+ community sessions and 2 networking hours.

In total, the 2021 Global Yoga Therapy Conference features over 100 doctors, yoga therapists and researchers working to bring yoga & yoga therapy into healthcare. 


  • $299 Full Access (All 3 days, plus Recordings for 1 year)

  • $179 One Day Access (does not include recordings)

  • DISCOUNTED Tickets for students, pensioners and participants from low income countries
Day 1: Integrating Yoga Therapy Into Healthcare

Dr. Dean Ornish: The Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine Sat Bir Khalsa: 'The Science and Research on Yoga for Stress, Resilience and Burnout in Healthcare Workers' Alison Whitehead: 'A Radical Redesign of Healthcare: The Veterans Health Administration Whole Health System' Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani 'Integrating Yoga Therapy with the Modern Medical System' Göran Boll: 'From 0-300 in a Decade; How MediYoga Became an Integral Part of the Swedish Healthcare System'

Optimal Health At All Ages; Self Care & Managing Pain

Dr. Sara Lazar, PhD: 'Pain, Fear, Meditation and the Brain: How Equanimity Alters Neural Responses to Pain' Dr. Holger Cramer, PhD: 'The Utilization, Efficacy and Safety of Yoga for Chronic Pain - What the Research Says' Gary Kraftsow: 'Optimizing Health through Yoga: Healthy Aging, Self-Care, Stress, and Resiliency' Michelle Fury: 'Yoga Therapy for Emotional Health: How to Safely & Effectively Meet Kids' Emotional Needs through Yoga' Dr. Shirley Telles: 'The Breath & Its Role in Therapy - Effects and Safety for Optimal Health'

Day 3: Healing Our World With Yoga

Charlene Muhammad and Priya Verma: Health Inequality & Access to Care; The Radical Idea of Yoga for All Catherine Justice: The Yoga Mat and the Lab Coat - Transforming Integrative Medicine with Yoga Therapy Dr. Ingrid Yang: COVID-19 -Utilizing Yoga Therapy for Recovery and Resilience Saraswathi Vasudevan, C-IAYT - The Role of the Mind in Illness & Healing: Insights and Practices Rooted in Yogic Philosophy Colin Dunsmuir & Stanford Wong: Approaches to Anger in Yoga & Healthcare; Perspectives from an MD & Yoga Therapist

Enjoy keynote presentations from the following esteemed presenters from around the world:
Dr Dean Ornish, MD
Dr Sara Lazar, PhD
Göran Boll, C-IAYT
Dr Shirley Telles, PhD
Saraswathi Vasudevan, C-IAYT
Gary Kraftsow, C-IAYT
Alison Whitehead
Dr. Ananda Bhavanani, MD
Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa, PhD
Dr. Ingrid Yang, MD
Dr. Holger Cramer, PhD
Michelle Fury, C-IAYT
Catherine Justice, PT, C-IAYT
Charlene Muhammad, C-IAYT
Colin Dunsmuir, C-IAYT
Priya Verma, PA, C-IAYT
Dr. Stanford Wong, MD
Interactive Panel Presentations & Discussions

Panel Presentation Moderators:
Ann Marie Johnston
Erick Groessl, PhD
Timothy McCall MD, C-IAYT
Carol Krucoff C-IAYT
Rob Schware, PhD
Sessions Include:
Interactive, Engaging Panel Presentations

Join us for two interactive (panel or round table discussions) moderated each day.

Experiential Community Sessions Hosted By:
Read Through The Full Program

When is the Global Yoga Therapy Day Conference?

The GYTD 2021 Conference runs across three days, 15 hours each day. 

Being a global event, the conference starts at different times.

We can share the following start times for each day's proceedings:

United States: 
PDT: 8:45am Aug 13 through 12am
MDT: 9:45am Aug 13 through 1pm
CDT: 10:45am Aug 13 through 2am 
EDT: 11:45am Aug 13 through 3am

12:45pm Aug 13 through 4am

United Kingdom (BST):
4:45pm Aug 13 through 8am

Europe (CEST):
5:45pm Aug 13 through 9am the next day

India (IST):
9:15pm Aug 13 through 12:30pm the next day

Australia (AEST):
1:45am Sat Aug 14 through 5pm the next day

Live somewhere else? Here's a Time Zone Converter to help you plan

Please note there are 5 keynotes interspersed throughout each day of the conference. Being a global event, we know that not all times will work for everyone so a recording for all keynotes and all panel presentations will be made available to conference attendees who purchase the Full Access Conference Ticket.

How can I be involved?

We need your involvement to help make the GYTD the most impact. There are many ways for you to get involved.
  1. SHARE: Share the word and encourage attendance at the three-day conference; help spread the word with local healthcare providers and your local & online communities. Earn CE's when you attend the conference (with the IAYT & Yoga Alliance).

  2. EXHIBIT: Host an exhibitor booth during the conference.With six designated hours to present and interact with conference attendees; your fully interactive exhibitor booth puts you in front of a highly engaged audience. Broadcast live or share pre-recorded content.
    * Your exhibitor fee benefits our charitable partner, the Give Back Yoga Foundation

  3. SPONSOR: Show your support for the field of yoga therapy and gain brand exposure to conference participants and through our marketing outreach. Share your message in a pre-recorded video in front of our keynote presentations.
    * Your sponsorship benefits our charitable partner, the Give Back Yoga Foundation
to see a short overview of opportunities for individuals and businesses!

Is there a program for the Conference?

What are Community Sessions Vs Keynotes?

There are 15 (lecture based) keynote presentations happening in the conference. Only one keynote is offered at any time. If you have a One-Day Pass, you'll need to turn up live; otherwise, recordings for all keynotes and panel presentations will be make available to those who purchase a Full Access Conference Ticket.

Community Sessions are an opportunity to EXPERIENCE yoga therapy & therapeutic yoga for yourself. 

70+ Qualified Yoga Therapists from across the world will be offering concurrent experiential sessions when keynotes aren't on main stage. Sessions will be focused on one of our 5 main areas:
  • Mental Health
  • Chronic Pain
  • COVID related health challenges
  • Creating Optimal Health
  • Yoga Therapy in Healthcare

Community Sessions are offered live and are NOT recorded. These presentations are more intimate in nature and encourage participant interaction and engagement with the therapist offering the session. 

Are CE's Available for Attending the Conference?

Yes, they are!

The IAYT is providing up to 15 CE's for conference attendees. You'll need to fill out a form detailing the presentations you attended and a key learning; then submit to the IAYT.  Fill Out This Form to submit for IAYT CE's.

Yoga Alliance
is providing up to 30 CE's for attendees. Details of which sessions are included can be found here.

If you are with another association or organization, encourage them to get in touch with us.
Learn, Experience, Embody
  • How yoga therapy is Integrated into healthcare around the world

  • How yoga therapy is being used to address the challenges of today; from mental health challenges to chronic pain and COVID-related health challenges

  • Join engaging, interactive panel & round table discussions with experts from around the world

  • Support a global effort seeking to collectively raise awareness of the benefits of yoga therapy

  • Access to 90+ sessions, including 70 experiential practices; see the difference of yoga therapy, guided by yoga therapists across the world

  • Highly interactive networking and community building for healthcare and yoga professionals seeing to bring more yoga & meditation into health care

  • CE's for IAYT and Yoga Alliance

Want to Work With a Yoga Therapist Today?

Find a yoga therapists or specialist who can support your health and wellbeing or download the (free)  Yoga For Better Health app which provides safer and more therapeutic yoga practices and information about yoga therapy.

  • Learn more about Give Back Yoga and their work forwarding the use of yoga therapy
The GYTD Conference 2021 supports the Give Back Yoga Foundation. 
Learn about Give Back Yoga Foundation and donate to support their efforts
Give Back Yoga Foundation

At Give Back Yoga, our mission is to bring the transformational benefits of yoga to people with limited access to this practice.

Brought to you by Yoga for Better Health
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