Collaborative, global effort to educate the public and raise media awareness around Yoga Therapy
What will the Global Yoga Therapy Day entail?
August 14th, 2019 is a collaborative educational day sharing Yoga Therapy with the public.  

Our aim is for 1000+ Yoga Therapists around the world to - all on the same day - host local area marketing events to collectively lift awareness, share Yoga Therapy with their community and garner significant media exposure (print and social media).

The day will be the culmination of an eight week public education campaign; starting from the launch of YogaMate's new (free) app; Yoga for Better Health, (launching on International Yoga Day). 

Yoga For Better Health app has been created to educate the public and health care community on Yoga Therapy and connect the public with qualified Yoga Therapists & Specialists through a purpose built directory.

After an eight week educational campaign, Global Yoga Therapy Day is a day for Yoga Therapists around the world to collectively share complimentary educational Yoga Therapy experiences within their local communities.

Participate on your own, or be found in the day's official directory of participants.

In Melbourne, Australia; YogaMate will host a media event, together with representatives from a number of Yoga Therapy Associations & Organizations (IAYT, Yoga Australia, AAYT); sharing Yoga Therapy with journalists within Australia's health, wellness & business sectors.
Suggestions you may want to consider to maximize your exposure for the day
There will be a groundswell of support for the day; but what August 14th, 2019 looks like for you, is entirely up to you.

You may want to:

  • Work with a team of other Yoga Therapist in your community and offer a full day community event;

  • Make yourself available for a full or half day sampling of 30-45 minute one to one sessions for new prospective clients;

  • Host an introductory session (or two) at local hospitals, universities or community centers near you;

  • Take online bookings (tele-health sessions) & reach out to a broader audience;

  • Offer a therapeutic Yoga class (or two) for local healthcare practitioners in conjunction with a local Yoga Studio;

  • Invite local media to come to a small event you host yourself




General Participant

If you can breathe, you can practice yoga. Let's hep the world understand yoga does not = asana

The power of the collective; raising awareness! 

Register to participate and help share Yoga Therapy with the world.

Our aim is to have 1,000+ people around the world participating in this day.
Register to let us know you're participating and receive social media support to help your efforts 

Free download of Yoga For Better Health app (launching June 21, 2019)
Educating the public about Yoga Therapy
Download of materials (including social media posts and fliers announcing your participation)
to share with your community and raise awareness of the event that you're hosting
Educational videos shared through our website, social media and into our app; showcasing global leaders in Yoga Therapy
A social media tsunami of Yoga Therapy research and articles to on share
(Please make sure to like us on social media and on-share information about the day, the app and the research & articles we share back to your community.)
Access to a Closed Facebook Group to support & connect with participants of the 2019 Global Yoga Therapy Day

Register to participate!

Register to participate in the Global Yoga Therapy Day

Add on Directory Exposure:
Harness the power of technology to connect with your community
  • Get Involved!
Add on a profile in YogaMate's directory and be featured as a therapist participating in this day
A one year therapist subscription listing in Yoga for Better Health
Featured listing with the app as a GYT Day participant ; plus videos encouraging the public to find and connect with therapists participating in the day
Your profile highln the Global Yoga Therapy Day website directory featuring you as a GYT Day participant

Add on Directory Exposure

Participate in the day and be highlighted in Yoga for Better Health app Directory

Add on Full Marketing Support:
Cut out the hard work; make the most impact from your efforts
  • Cut out all of the hard work in planning your day!
Marketing Participants receive everything Directory Participants receive; plus marketing, branding & communications knowledge, templates and support to help you make the most of the day and extend your impact. 

Our aim, for you to gain exposure and new local clientele for your practice.
Cut out the hard work in preparing for your event.
Receive editable templates for different Marketing & Communication aspects to help you mobilize your local marketing efforts
(social media posts, newsletter copy, press release templates, fliers and postcards you can print out) 
Access 3+ hours of marketing guidance and tactical videos walking you step by step in how to utilize the templates & materials provided and best communicate with your community
Guidance & talking points to help you clearly & effectively communicate with your target audience and importantly, why they should care
Join in two live Q&A marketing calls with Ann Marie Johnston, Marketing Strategist and founder of the Global Yoga Therapy Day. (June 26th, 8pm EST; and August 18, 8pm)

Add on Full Marketing Support

Receive full marketing knowledge, templates and support to help you make the most impact with your GYT Day


Where is the Global Yoga Therapy Day located?

Where are you located?  🙂 The Global Yoga Therapy Day is anywhere, and everywhere participants reside.

We are helping Yoga Therapists mobilize your own local area marketing effort.  You'll be supported to make the day as big (or little!) as you want. See our suggestions at the top of this page for what kind of event you might want to host; it's entirely up to you.

Why should I participate?

Yoga Therapy is immensely valuable to our community. But unfortunatley, most people in the West simply don't know what Yoga Therapy is, how a Yoga Therapist is different to general Yoga Teachers or their qualifications to offer the work they do.

By collaboratively working together and participating in a one day event around the world - we can gain media interest and interest from the public. If we have 1000+ people working collectively and collaboratively, media WILL listen. 

But we need many hands on deck to really make an impact. We do hope you'll join in the effort, 'officially - as a directory or marketing participant' or unofficially - on your own accord.

What is the cost to be involved?

Registration is free for anyone who wants to participate on August 14th and share Yoga Therapy with their community. When you register you'll receive access to social posts and covers to announce you participation with your community. 

If you would like additional marketing support, you can add on two different levels of support; directory of participants or full marketing support to help you make more impact for yourself that day  There is early bird pricing for those who commit before June 1st. (See full pricing here)

We highly encourage people to work with other yoga therapists around them to collectively make more of a splash with their local media. We have set up a Facebook Group for Global Yoga Therapy Day Participants, to help provide additional support and connect you with others who might also want to work together.

I can't participate on August 14th, is there still a way to be involved?

Sure! There will be an eight week educational campaign around Yoga Therapy. We would love for you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and on-share each days' posts. Make sure to register to show us your support and receive your participant pack!

Do I have to offer complimentary sessions on the day? My work and time is valuable!

Yes, it is valuable.

But, the idea behind this day, is to make yourself freely available to the public for 4-8 hours to connect with and educate your community. (The best way to look at this is that you are investing in a marketing effort for you / your business and uplifting the industry in general). 

For this one day - all of our marketing and communications will be around the fact that Yoga Therapists around the world are offering complimentary introductory individual or group sessions that share & educate on Yoga Therapy and how it is different from a general Yoga class.

You will generate new leads for your business (and local media awareness for Yoga Therapy) and by participating in this event, you will build your pipeline of students and clients for your business.

For instance, you may decide to offer 8 free introductory/exploratory sessions (perhaps 45 mins long). It's a first come/first serve option to work with you and once your 8 time slots are filled, you'll be ready to offer any other enquiries the opportunity to work with you at a future time; perhaps at an introductory rate - (again, the decision of how to capitalize on interest generated from the day will be entirely up to you, but if you need ideas on how to best maximize your efforts, you might wish to join as a marketing participant for the knowledge and guidance on how to make the most impact from your efforts. 

Do I have to set aside the full day to be a participant?

The choice is yours. We anticipate that most people will want to maximize their efforts and commit to a full work day on Global Yoga Therapy Day (i.e., hosting one to one sessions with members of your local community over the course of 6-8 hours). But you might prefer to host an afternoon session for local healthcare practitioners or run a larger scale media event together with other Yoga Therapists in your community at a local area hospital. The choice is ENTIRELY yours. We'll do our best to support you in making an impact, but we recommend that you set aside a minimum 4-8 hours of your day to participate.

I only work online, can I still participate?

Yes you can! In fact, our new app (launching June 21st, 2019) has a directory that allows the public to search for individuals offering Telehealth sessions (online one-to-ones). 

Are there other participants near me I can partner with?

We highly encourage people to work with other Therapists around them to collectively make more of a splash with their local media. We have set up a Facebook Group for Global Yoga Therapy Day Participants, to help provide additional support and connect you with others who might also want to work together.

Love it! Can my association / organization be a sponsor?

Of course! We welcome your enquiry. Please send us a note through our contact form and ask for our Sponsorship & Supporter pack. We welcome Yoga Therapy Associations, Not-for-Profits focused in the Therapeutic application of Yoga; as well as Yoga Therapy Schools.