Maximize the impact the Global Yoga Therapy Day can have on growing your business
Congratulations on registering to participate in the Global Yoga Therapy Day.
We're delighted to have you joining in the collaborative, global efforts to champion Yoga Therapy and raise awareness.
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GYTD Directory Participant 
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Directory Participants: Harness the power of technology to connect with your community
Be Found as a qualified Yoga Therapist in the Yoga for Better Health app and Global Yoga Therapy Day participant directory
Directory participants will receive:
  1. One year directory inclusion in the Yoga for Better Health (free) app

  2. Profile featured and highlighted in the app, as a participant of GYTD

  3. Profile shared on

  4. Access to a closed Facebook Group to engage & connect with other GYTD participants

  5. Social sharing content curated for the GYTD

Your public profile allows you to designate the keywords (areas of expertise) specific to you and you will have the opportunity to list if you are available for clients online (tele-health).

If you are looking for help in mobilizing your local area marketing efforts for the day, you may want to consider being a GYTD Marketing Participant.
GYTD - Marketing Participant
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Marketing Participants: Cut out the hard work; make the most impact from your efforts
Maximize your exposure and the impact this event can have on your business. 
Better reach out to your community and connect with new clients & students
Receive the marketing and communications guidance and support you need to make the very most of your Global Yoga Therapy Day.

In addition to the Directory inclusion and featuring, Marketing participants will receive everything they need in order to truly maximize their efforts for the day.

The goal is for you to educate your community, establish yourself as the expert that you are, gain significant exposure within your local community & create a pipeline of new students and clients for your practice.

We'll walk you through every aspect of the marketing funnel. From preparing your marketing message and collateral (and providing templates for ease); reaching out to your local media; creating a landing page to capture leads, through to nurturing the lead and  converting them into future clients. 

GYTD Marketing Participants will receive:
  1. On-demand video series hosted by Marketing Strategist, Ann Marie Johnston covering marketing, branding & communications fundamentals

  2. Step by step video instructions in how to activate your marketing efforts and maximize your reach through the GYTD; how to plan your event, create a compelling profile, use the templates and capture & nurture leads

  3. A live Q&A Call (June 25, 6pm EST) with marketing strategist, Ann Marie Johnston

  4. Editable templates to help you quickly and professionally activate your marketing efforts

  5. A live Q&A Follow Up Call (Aug 18, 8pm EST)

  6. This is tPlus everything Directory Participants receiveext for item6

Marketing videos and templates will be delivered to you on June 18, to the email address used when purchasing.