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Participate in the 2020 Global Yoga Therapy Day 

Cross lineage, cross cultural, collaborative effort to lift public awareness about Yoga Therapy

Presenter Submissions

Yoga Therapists around the world were invited to self-nominate to present in the online summit

Registration Opens July 14

Our summit presenters will be announced and registration opens to participate in the GYTD

Community Outreach - Aug 10

Plan your own short outreach for noon, August 10

GYTD Online Summit - Aug 14

Join us in our virtual summit: Yoga Therapy: Beyond the Studio

Registration Details Coming Soon!

Helping the Public Understand
Championing Yoga Therapy

You know how immensely beneficial yoga can be when applied therapeutically for the individual. Participate in the day to lift the profession; provide your local or online community an experiential difference and perhaps gain new clients most in need of your services.

Collaborating Together
Educating Across the Globe

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. Join in a worldwide effort to collectively raise public awareness of Yoga Therapy; across cultures, lineages and countries working together to lift the awareness about the difference of Yoga Therapy.

Connect with Colleagues
Working Together for the Greater Good

Use our private Facebook Group to connect with other Yoga Therapists, gain ideas and insights to maximize your efforts and to collectively work together to support the field and progress the profession.