Join us Aug 2021 for
the GYTD Online Summit & 
Community Outreach Initiative 
GYTD Online Summit - Aug 14 
Our one-day summit (August 14th) is a day for global experts in the field of yoga therapy to share their inspirational work with other yoga professionals, health care providers and the public.

Learn about the ways yoga therapists work in their communities to empower better health and how yoga therapy can benefit you.

Full details for the 2021 Global Yoga Therapy Day Summit coming soon!
Did you miss the GYTD 2020 Summit?
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Community Outreach Initiative - Aug 16-20
In 2021, the GYTD Community Outreach Initiative will be held the week after the Global Yoga Therapy Day Summit.

The Outreach Initiative is a collaborative effort where yoga therapists around the world are encouraged to collectively share experiential and educational yoga therapy experiences with their local communities and online.

In 2021 the Community Outreach Initiative will have 'theme' focused days. You are encouraged to participate in the day most aligned with your area of specialization.

Monday, August 16th
- Chronic & Musculoskeletal Pain
Tuesday, August 17th - Mental Health
Wednesday, August 18th - COVID Related Health Challenges
Thursday, August 19th - Optimizing Health (Self-Care, Prevention, Healthy Ageing)
Friday, August 20th - Special Populations (seniors, women's health, veterans, etc)

More details coming soon for how you can officially register your involvement. 

Ideas from past years' participants: 
  • Offer an experiential or educational webinar or live therapeutic class;
  • Work with a team of other yoga therapist in your community and offer a full day community event;
  • Host an introductory session (or two) at local hospitals, universities or community centers near you;
  • Offer a therapeutic yoga class (or two) for local healthcare practitioners in conjunction with a local studio or integrative health clinic
  • Invite local media to come to a small event you host yourself
  • Make yourself available online (or in real life if possible) for a full or half day sampling of 30-45 minute one to one sessions for new prospective clients;
GYTD Community Outreach Initiative

The power of the collective; raising awareness! 
about yoga therapy with the world.

Plan to join us the week of August 16-20th.

Our aim is to have 2,000+ yoga therapists participating in the 2021 Community Outreach Initiative.

Registration details coming in May 2021.

Meanwhile download the Yoga For Better Health app (free) - Educating the public about Yoga Therapy & connecting the world with qualified yoga therapists & specialists.

If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.
Let's help the world understand the value & difference of yoga therapy.

In 2021 we aspire to have yoga therapists participating across


Countries Participatiing

Yoga Therapists


Where is the Global Yoga Therapy Day located?

Where are you located?  🙂 The Global Yoga Therapy Day is anywhere, and everywhere participants reside.

Many components of the GYTD are hosted online (the summit and community outreach); however you are also encouraged to mobilize your own local area marketing effort.  See our suggestions at the top of this page for what kind of event you might want to host; it's entirely up to you.

Why should I participate?

Yoga therapy is immensely valuable to our community. But unfortunately, it still lacks awareness. 

By collaboratively working together and participating in the global yoga therapy day - we can generate more awareness, media interest and interest from the public. 

Do I have to set aside the full day to participate in the GYTD Community Outreach Initiative?

Not at all, the choice is entirely yours. 

Many people like to maximize their efforts and commit to a full marketing effort around their Community Outreach day  (i.e., hosting one to one sessions with members of your local community over the course of 6-8 hours). But just as many others simply host a short online session. 

You might choose to host an afternoon session for local healthcare practitioners or run a larger scale media event together with other yoga therapists in your community at a local area hospital. The choice is ENTIRELY yours. We'll do our best to support you in making an impact.

I only work online, can I still participate?

Yes you can! In fact, in 2021 we're looking to expand the way we support yoga therapists working online. Watch this space!

Are there other participants near me I can partner with?

We highly encourage people to work with other yoga therapists around them to collectively make more of a splash with their local media. We have set up a Facebook Group for Global Yoga Therapy Day Participants, to help provide additional support and connect you with others who might also want to work together.

Love it! Can my association / organization be a sponsor?

Of course! We welcome your enquiry. Please send us a note through our contact form and ask for our Sponsorship & Supporter pack. We welcome Yoga Therapy Associations, Not-for-Profits focused in the Therapeutic application of Yoga; as well as Yoga Therapy Schools.