Yoga Therapists are highly qualified yoga professionals specifically trained to work with individuals working through a range of health challenges.

You’ll find Yoga Therapists in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, on army bases, prisons, schools and in private practice.

Together in a therapeutic relationship, they work with their clients to address a person’s specific needs, creating tailored practices to shift physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.

August 14th marks the first Global Yoga Therapy Day – a day where Yoga Therapists are working together in a worldwide to share that if you can breathe, you can practice yoga!

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Week 1 June 19: Yoga vs Yoga Therapy

Week 2 June 26: Chronic Pain 

Week 3 July 3: Anxiety

Week 4 July 10: Breathing Disorders

Week 5 July 17: Arthritis

Week 6 July 24: Trauma/PTSD

Week 7 July 31: Cardiovascular Disease

Week 8 Aug 7: Sleep Disorders

GYTD Aug 14: Connect with a participating therapists or join us on Facebook Live