Global Yoga Therapy Day 2021

Healthcare Professionals are invited to learn & experience yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga for themselves.

Our host, Yoga for Better Health, is providing complimentary Limited Access – Free tickets for healthcares professionals interested in how yoga, breath, meditation and yoga therapy can help radically transform our approach to healthcare.

The healthcare ticket provides access to the following sessions (alternately there is a one day or three day pass available for $179 or $299).  


  • 3pm EDT Friday Aug 13 – ‘The Science and Research on Yoga for Stress, Resilience and Burnout in Healthcare Workers’ – Sat Bir Khalsa, Harvard Medical Associate Professor 

  • 8pm EDT Fri Aug 13 – ‘A Radical Redesign of Healthcare: The Veteran Administrations Whole Health System’ – Alison Whitehead, National Lead Integrative Health VA

  • Fri Aug 13, 1pm EDT: Building a Culture of Mental Health & Wellbeing for Healthcare Professionals – Kelly Couturier, C-IAYT

  • Sat Aug 13, 1pm EDT: Managing Stress & Pain Holistically: Experiential Practices for Healthcare Workers – Wendy Landry, C-IAYT

  • Sun Aug 13, 1pm EDT: Yoga for Resiliency & Burnout for the Overworked Healthcare Professional – Evon Stone Rubenstein C-IAYT

See the full program here.

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Global Yoga Therapy Day 2019


On August 14, 2019, the inaugural Global Yoga Therapy Day (GYTD), participants across 6 continents, and 36 countries, took to their communities with the message ‘If you can breathe, you can practice yoga’.

As part of the GYTD celebrations, YogaMate hosted ‘Yoga Therapy Around the World’ through our Global Yoga Therapy Day Facebook Page.

From Australia and New Zealand, through to India, Singapore, South America, Europe, UK and US thought leaders of yoga therapy from around the world shared in the celebration with a Facebook live or video share.

We’ve put them all together in one place so that they can be shared and enjoyed.


Choose to watch a specific presentation by clicking on the title of the presentation. Alternately, scroll through the videos with the arrow button, or choose to watch them all!