On our own we can do so little, but together we can do so much
Helen Keller
The idea of creating one day where yoga therapists around the world can come together to collaboratively, collectively lift awareness and educate about the difference of Yoga Therapy came during a meditation in late 2018.

The inaugural GYTD (created and hosted by Ann Marie Johnston of Yoga for Better Health - previously YogaMate) saw a team of volunteers and contributors from around the world come together to host an eight week educational effort culminating on August 14, 2019. 

  • With participation of over 400 yoga therapists across 5 continents in over 35 countries we were on our way.

  • In 2020 the GYTD, in charitable support of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, saw more than 1000 yoga therapists participate in the community outreach and more than 2500 participate in the 24 hour online summit

  • In 2021, the GYTD expands to a 3 day conference focused on educating healthcare, yoga professionals and the community about the holistic practice of yoga therapy. Full details here

We encourage you to be part of our efforts in 2021. Please mark your calendars to participate Aug 13-15. Contact us if you're interested in sponsorship
GYTD Executive Team