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What to get a personal trainer for christmas

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What to Get a Personal Trainer for Christmas - The Ultimate Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your personal trainer? Look no further! This comprehensive gift guide will help you find the ideal present to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. From practical items to thoughtful gestures, we have compiled a list of top-notch gifts that any personal trainer would love.

  1. Fitness Equipment:
  • Resistance bands: Versatile and effective for a wide range of exercises.
  • Dumbbells or kettlebells: Essential tools for strength training.
  • Foam roller: Helps with muscle recovery and alleviates soreness.
  • Yoga mat: Ideal for stretching, yoga classes, and home workouts.
  • Jump rope: A portable and effective cardio tool.
  1. Workout Gear:
  • High-quality athletic apparel: Comfortable and stylish workout clothes.
  • Training shoes: Supportive and durable footwear for intense workouts.
  • Gym bag: Spacious and functional to carry their gear.
  • Sweat-wicking towels: Keep them cool and dry during intense sessions.
  1. Fitness Technology:
  • Fitness tracker: Monitors heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns.
  • Wireless headphones: Provides an immersive and hands-free workout experience.
  • Smart water bottle: Reminds them to stay
It's always a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation for someone who has been helping you achieve your fitness goals. Giving your personal trainer a Christmas gift is a nice way to express your gratitude for their hard work and support.

What should I get my PT for Christmas?

Gifts for personal trainers Say thanks for helping you stay in shape with personalised PT gifts – think shoe tags, fitness journals and original cards. Or treat them to a gym accessory, from kit bags to running trainers. Whatever you go for, they'll 100% love it.

Should I tip my personal trainer for the holidays?

Personal Trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift. Newspaper Delivery Person: Between $10 to $30, or give a small gift.

How do you give appreciation to a trainer?

Thank you very much for a great training session. The program was enjoyable, and I learned a lot from it. You're the best trainer that I've ever worked with. Thanks for being patient, encouraging and inspiring!

Should I get my personal trainer a thank you gift?

Strength Training Accessories If your coach is serious about adding resistance bands to weight lifting or bodyweight training, give them the gift of more bands. Whether your coach decides to bring them home or use them on clients—coaches can't really have too many resistance bands.

What is a good gift for a personal trainer?

15 Best Gifts For Personal Trainers in 2023
  • Gym Backpack. You never know when a backpack is welcomed.
  • Personalized T-shirt.
  • Gym Water Bottle.
  • Funny Fitness Coffee Mug.
  • Microfibre Gym Towel.
  • Activity Fitness Tracker.
  • Fitness Trainer Inspiring Books.
  • Inspirational Desk Calendar.

Should I get my personal trainer a gift?

When the holidays roll around, you might start to wonder what Santa brings a personal trainer for Christmas. You want to give your personal trainer a gift that shows your appreciation for what they do for you. Ideally, the gift should also reflect your trainer's enthusiasm for their work in the fitness industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I give my personal trainer for Christmas?

Personal Trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift. Newspaper Delivery Person: Between $10 to $30, or give a small gift.

Should I get my PT a Christmas gift?

Being a part of someone's fitness journey, giving them the skills and confidence to be better and healthier is pretty awesome, so any gift they want to thank you with is just extra kindness.” A great gift for fitness lovers is a workout gift that is unique, thoughtful, and useful.

How much do you give your personal trainer for Christmas?

2023 holiday tip chart: Expert recommendations
Personal TrainerCost of 1 session
Pet Daycare StaffHandmade gift or baked goods
Pet GroomerUp to the cost of 1 session
Pet Sitter$50-$200 in cash or gift card, depending on frequency

Is it customary to tip a personal trainer?

No matter how you choose to tip your personal trainer, the gesture won't be unappreciated. A lot of clients do not tip. But clients who do may stand out as favored ones. Trainers will be thankful for the gesture, but not because an extra $100 per year changes anyone's life.


What do you get a Crossfit person for Christmas?
50 Christmas gift ideas for crossfit athletes
  • The newest crossfit trainers.
  • Wooden gymnastic rings.
  • VROPE FIRE jump rope.
  • Smartphone cases for crossfit junkies.
  • Barbell toys for kids.
  • Leather weightlifting belt.
  • Crossfit girls jewellery.
  • Multifunctional training bag.
What do you get a guy you like for Christmas?
Top Gifts for Men:
  • Screen Magnifier for Smartphone, $30 on
  • Retro Arcade Machine, $29 on
  • Telephoto Lens, $39 on
  • Portable Espresso Machine, $69 on
  • Smartphone-controlled Airplane Kit, $59 on
How much should I tip my personal trainer at Christmas?
Personal Trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift. Newspaper Delivery Person: Between $10 to $30, or give a small gift.

What to get a personal trainer for christmas

What to gift someone who likes exercise? And now, it's time to give the workout warrior something to make them smile with a fitness gift. There's a range to choose from. Start small, with a gym accessory like yoga blocks, a cooling towel, or a sweat-wicking cap. Or go bigger, with a new spin bike, a snazzy rowing machine, or a high-tech golf simulator.
How do you make exercise fun for clients? Setting repetition challenges is a great way to encourage focus and motivation in a fun atmosphere. You can choose which ever repetition range you like, as you need to ensure it is suitable for your client or group.
What small gifts do guys like? What Do Guys Really Want As Gifts? 12 Ideas
  • Customized Cooler.
  • A Custom Wallet.
  • An Individualized Toiletry Bag.
  • A Personalized Poker Chip Set.
  • An Engraved Decanter Set.
  • A Personalized Watch Box.
  • A Personalized Golf Shoe Bag.
  • An Engraved Lighter.
  • Should I give my personal trainer a Christmas bonus?
    • Personal Trainer: Up to the cost of one session or a gift. Newspaper Delivery Person: Between $10 to $30, or give a small gift. USPS Policy: Gifts cannot exceed $50 per calendar year.
  • Do personal trainers get attached to their clients?
    • Yes, personal trainers can fall for their clients and develop personal, even romantic, and sexual relationships. Personal relationships can sometimes develop in any service industry, and personal training is no exception.
  • What to give your personal trainer for christmas
    • Dec 17, 2023 — Budget-Friendly Technology Gifts · Fitbit Inspire 2 · REP Rapidstrike Massage Gun · JLab GO Air Sport Earbuds.