Global Yoga Therapy Day is brought to you by YogaMate in collaboration with Yoga Therapy associations and organizations around the world
Global Yoga Therapy Day 2019


On August 14, 2019, the inaugural Global Yoga Therapy Day (GYTD), participants across 5 continents, and 36 countries, took to their communities with the message ‘If you can breathe, you can practice yoga’.

As part of the GYTD celebrations, YogaMate hosted ‘Yoga Therapy Around the World’ through our Global Yoga Therapy Day Facebook Page.

From Australia and New Zealand, through to India, Singapore, South America, Europe, UK and US thought leaders of yoga therapy from around the world shared in the celebration with a Facebook live or video share.

For those who either missed the videos, or those who want to revisit, we’ve put them together in on place so that they can be shared and enjoyed.


Choose to watch a specific presentation by clicking on the title of the presentation, or watch them all!